What we do

Work areas 

The areas of the work of the MCYPS correspond to that of the MCYPS- advocacy, capacity building, knowledge and action.


Advocate for the regional perspectives of youth peace and security agenda in the region and young people’s meaningful participation in related formal and informal avenues of policy design, implementation, monitoring, follow-up, and review at all levels, specially for Security Council resolutions 2250 (2015), 2419 (2018) and 2535 (2020).

Capacity building

Facilitate capacity building activities for young people in the region to enhance their understanding, knowledge, and skills in relation to youth peace and security agenda, a regional approach and the multilateral system; and empowering partnerships between youth, multilateral actors, governments and civil society in the region.


Provide a platform for dialogue to create a collective evidence base for good practices on youth peace and security in the region. This includes the assessment of existing knowledge, the generation of new knowledge, the identification of emerging issues and effective use and dissemination of knowledge.. It should include inputs from formal, informal, traditional and indigenous knowledge streams.ActionSupport program efforts in the field of youth, peace and security in the region, and provide a platform that encourages members to lead, join, showcase and share innovative and effective actions and programmatic work aimed at addressing policy and practise.


Provide young people in the region a platform for dialogue to create an evidence base for the best practices through the assessment of existing knowledge, generating new knowledge, identification of emerging issues, and effective use and dissemination.

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